Frequently Asked Questions

If you have concerns about your child's development, please reach out to the New York City Early Intervention Program at 311. (For children age ages 0-3) You can then request our agency for services if needed.

For ABA services for all other ages contact our Care Coordinator at 516-295-2019.

Once a child is found eligible for the EIP, all necessary early intervention services are identified in collaboration with the parents. These services must be authorized by the municipality.

The municipality will then coordinate with service providers to deliver the authorized services, taking into account the specific needs of the child and family. For Insurance cases, your Care Coordinator will first determine eligibility along with the BCBA and then select a Behavioral Technician.

For the EIP program, we provide services in the child's natural environment, typically their home. However, we can also offer services in a daycare or another setting familiar and comfortable for the child. For ABA Insurance we provide it in the child's home. It cannot be done in a school building.

At Stand Out Corp, our staff speaks a wide range of languages in addition to English. This includes Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, and Afrikaans ensuring that we can effectively communicate and provide support to diverse families.

Stand Out Corp, extends its services across the five boroughs of New York City for the EIP program (0-3). For ABA Insurance cases, we extend through NYC, Nassau County Suffolk and Westchester County, ensuring that families in these regions have access to our services.