Evaluation And Supervision


We understand how concerning an experience it can be to run the risk of exposing your child to the ordeal it represents to get adequate therapeutic help.

More often than not, evaluation processes are both tedious and stressful events for the child that can easily be prevented by engaging in a practical approach to evaluations and supervision.

At Stand Out Corp., we are absolutely aware of how delicate this situation is both for your child and you, the parents, when deciding on a proper fit when it comes to hiring a licensed therapist.

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The Types of Evaluations We Provide

At Stand Out Corp. we firmly believe in not jumping to conclusions based on shallow analyses. We have the conviction that going the extra mile for our patients results in a better experience for you.

It is because of this that we are glad to announce that we extend supplemental evaluations performed by our staff composed of psychologists and social workers to examine the situation properly and determine the steps to be taken.

From the environment to work within to the personality of the individual, we carefully inspect all pertinent areas to guarantee satisfaction.

Stand Out Corp. takes pride in offering comprehensive psychological evaluations facilitated by our qualified psychologist, who utilizes specialized tools to conduct meticulous assessments. Our commitment to accuracy and professionalism ensures that each evaluation is conducted with the utmost care, providing valuable insights and support for individuals and organizations seeking a deeper understanding of psychological well-being. We prioritize the use of evidence-based methods to deliver high-quality assessments tailored to the unique needs of our clients, fostering a foundation of trust and reliability in our services.

How We Conduct Evaluations

Since we comprehend that not all people are created equal, there are as many necessities as people who implore high-quality attention.

For this reason, we facilitate evaluations that can be either performed via Telehealth or in person, depending on your preferences.

If you feel that there are constraints that could make you choose either method, fear not. Our licensed psychologists and licensed clinical social workers are experts with many years of experience in the field, enabling them to adapt to whatever you believe is the best option for yourself.

Remote or in-person, the quality of our services remains unaltered, and the outcomes of the assessment processes are not compromised at any point regardless of the evaluation conduction method of your election.

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The Competencies of Our Evaluators

Our evaluators are highly efficient at every single stage of the evaluation processes, and their competencies demonstrate this.

Our qualified professionals are able to perform diagnosis tests and provide functional behavior assessment. This means that our therapists dig deep to find the root causes of the behaviors that require to be addressed.

Furthermore, once they identify the behavioral patterns, they allocate the adequate behavior intervention procedure, which consists of the pathway to follow to solve your contretemps and to ensure that the behaviors are effectively corrected.

How Supervision Is Provided

Once the behavior arises and our licensed staff pinpoints the strategy to follow, we ensure that our team of licensed behavior analysts closely supervise your child constantly, both to scrutinize that you get the best services we can offer, and that the chosen therapy is congruent with the demands of your loved one.

You can choose to receive supervision from our LBA—Licensed Behavior Analyst—either on a weekly or monthly basis to double-check that your child is safely guarded and guided at all times.

For further inquiries, make sure to contact us for further information.