Care Management

Service Coordination/Care Management

Coordination and care management are paramount components of excellent caregiving. When children are involved, it is even more preponderant to have optimized coordination and management processes.

Stand Out Corp. takes pride in offering you the best services for children with Autism, and Care Management and Service Coordination are no exception to this.

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What Care Management Consists Of

Our commitment lies in ensuring our members have access to secure and efficient care. Through our comprehensive program, we aim to enhance the lives of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Alongside assessments and therapy, our program includes Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment oversight and a highly supportive approach in collaboration with members and their families.

At the core of our family-centric model, care management integrates utilization oversight and continuous support throughout the treatment journey. This distinctive model fosters collaboration between care managers and providers, shaping treatment plans at the crucial initiation phase to ensure the availability and application of suitable services for the child and their caretakers.

The Tasks That Are Contemplated In Care Management

Your dedicated case manager aims to assist you in several ways:

  • goals 64

    Tailoring goals to align with your personal priorities and aspirations, ensuring your focus is on what matters the most to you: Your child

  • family green

    Involving and engaging individuals significant in your life, fostering a supportive network that values your journey and your child’s

  • child strengths

    Recognizing and harnessing your child’s unique strengths and interests to guide them toward growth and fulfillment

  • hug

    Cultivating and reinforcing their relationships while expanding their support network to enhance their overall well-being, and yours as well

  • planning

    Strategically planning for life's transitions, ensuring preparedness and adaptability during pivotal moments

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Furthermore, our comprehensive program aims to facilitate seamless coordination with other service providers through:

  • meeting

    Offering guidance and assistance in preparing for meetings, ensuring you're equipped and confident

  • personal support

    Providing steadfast support during meetings, advocating for your needs

  • roles

    Clarifying roles and responsibilities, promoting a collaborative and efficient approach to comprehensive care

Your dedicated case manager aims to assist you in several ways:


Advantages Of Receiving Our Care Management And Coordination Services

When it comes to receiving proper coordination for your Autism caretaking services, you get many upsides from acquiring the services of an adequately coordinated company such as Stand Out Corp.

This is what you get when you work with us:

  • understanding

    Better understanding of the ASD experience: When you first delve into the world of ASD, it is not uncommon to feel at a loss. Having us help through each part of the process is beneficial for you

  • hug adults

    Strengthening partner and other interpersonal relationships: Proper Autism management strategies help improve all of your interpersonal relationships, including that with your partner

  • stress

    Stress management: Autism tends to take a toll both on your child and on you, so correctly managed services certainly help you curtail some of the stress

What We Do

We understand the crucial role of the formative years in a child's development, particularly for those facing developmental delays or disabilities. Our dedication lies in delivering tailored educational and therapeutic services, aligning with each child's unique strengths and requirements.

Embracing a holistic, family-centered approach, we deeply honor the perspectives, values, and cultural backgrounds of families. We actively engage parents and caregivers, valuing their integral role in their child's education. Contact us to schedule an appointment.